The Witch of Fern Island (Enjoy Studio, Composer)

I Am Your President (President Studio, Composer)

Secret Diaries – Manage a Manor (Sqrt3, Composer)

Shardpunk: Verminfall (Clockwork Pile, Composer)


Terrordrome – Reign of the Legends (Huracan Studio, Composer)

Undercover – Blood Bonds (Sqrt3, Composer)

Hook 2 (Maciej Targoni, Composer)

Gamebook Edgar A. Poe: The Oval Portrait (The Midworld, Composer)

Elena’s Journal: Unfinished (Sqrt3, Composer)

Coffee Noir – Business Detective Game (Doji, Composer)


Rosemary’s Fate (Game The Same, Composer)

CountryBalls Heroes (Innominate Games, Composer)

S.W.A.N Chernobyl Unexplored (Volframe, Composer)

Raiders! Forsaken Earth (Creative Storm Entertainment, Composer).


Neither Day nor Night (Cranotaurus Team, Composer co-author)

Plastic Rebellion (Detalion Games, Composer)

Reptiles: In Hunt (Corpix Games, Composer)

Tank Mechanic Simulator (DeGenerals, Composer)


Uboat (Deep Water Studio, Composer)

Idle Skies (Crimson Pine Games, Composer)

Tiny Bombers (Ahoy Games, Composer)


Loria (Loria, Composer)

There Was a Dream (Keydare Project, Composer)

Car Demolition Clicker (Blue Sunset Games, Composer)

Go All Out! (Blue Sunset Games, Composer)

Modern Tales: Age of Invention (Orchid Games, Composer)

Blocksy (CLM, Composer)


Up&Up (Limitless Games, Composer & Sound Designer)

Lost Grimoires 2 : Shard of Mystery (World-Loom, Composer & Sound Designer)

Bad Dream Coma (Desert Fox, Composer)

Maggie’s Movies Camera, Action! (World-Loom, Composer & Sound Designer)


Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom (World Loom, Artifex Mundi, Composer & Sound Designer)

Drifty Chase (Crimson Pine, Composer)

Royal Trouble Honeymoon Havoc (Orchid Games, Composer)

Counters (Slazin Studio, Composer & Sound Designer)


60 Seconds! (Robot Gentleman, Composer)

Riko’s Fate (Unitronic, Sound Designer)

Anodia 2 (CLM, Composer)

Earthcore: Shattered Elements (Tequila Games, Sound Designer)

Misja Zdrowie (Composer)


Graven: The Purple Moon Prophecy (Orchid Games, Composer)

Storage Empire (Igero, Composer & Sound Designer)

Symulator Farmy 2015 (Playway, Composer)

Tupek (Gear-Studio, Composer)

World Truck Racing (Playway, Sound Designer)

Chronicle Keepers: The Dreaming Garden (Playway, Composer & Sound Designer co-author)