Dinos Reborn – Official Trailer (Vision Edge Entertainment, Composer)

Vampire Clans – Official Trailer (Rock Game, Composer)

Scrapnaut – Official Trailer (Rock Game, Composer)

Rosemary’s Fate – Official Trailer (Game The Same, Composer & Sound Designer)

911 Operator Interactive Movie – Official Trailer (Iron Wolf Studio, Composer)

Tank Squad – Reveal Trailer (DeGenerals, Composer)


Wolfenstein: The Board Game – Official Trailer (Archon studio, Composer)

Terrordrome Reign of the Legends – Official Trailer (Huracan studio, Composer)

Pirate Commander – Official Trailer (Rock Game, Composer)

There was a Dream – Official Trailer (Keydare Project, Composer)


60 Seconds! Reatomized – Official Trailer (Robot Gentleman, Composer)

Colossal Battle – Official Trailer (GameNotOver Studio, Composer)

Odludzie – Official Trailer (Vecube Studio, Composer)

Univoice (Pat Animation, Sound Designer)

Safe Rack (Pat Animation, Sound Designer)

Domestic Monster (Pat Animation, Sound Designer)

NADCP (Pat Animation, Sound Designer)

Taloflow (Pat Animation, Sound Designer)

Countryballs Heroes – Official Trailer (Innominate Games, Composer)


Alpha-bet Lottery (Pat Animation, Sound Designer)

The Beast Inside – Fan Made Trailer (Illusion Ray Studio, Composer)


Modern Tales: Age of Invention – Trailer (Artifex Mundi,Orchid Games, Composer)

Buy Box (Mome, Sound Designer)

60 Parsecs – Official Trailer (Robot Gentleman, Composer)


Royal Trouble 2 – Game Trailer (Orchid Games, Composer)


Promo library „Hypernova” (Cl-Projects, Composer)

Simple FX (SQM Studio, Sound Designer)

30-lecie Discovery (Naffnaff, Composer)

Astor – Intro (Panopticon, Composer)

Pure Exotic – Intro (Pure Exotic, Composer)

Czwartkowe Spotkania Social Media (Blazej Kujawa, Composer)


Biond Explorer (Clipatize, Composer & Sound Designer)

Medisapiens (Clipatize, Composer & Sound Designer)

Secure (Clipatize, Composer & Sound Designer)

Librus (Dreamfield Film Studio, Composer)

Combat Alert – Trailer (Drones Pablos, Composer)

Combat Alert  (Drones Pablos, Composer)

Shulu and the Spirit – Trailer (Cryslin, Composer)


Elementy – Trailer (Jan Simiak, Composer)

Nawiedzona Szosa – Trailer (Dario Davis, Composer)

Nawiedzona Szosa – Teaser (Dario Davis, Composer)

Poznań Film Commision (Studio ABM, Composer)

RWE (Clipshop, Composer & Sound Designer)

Flayers (Clipshop, Composer & Sound Designer)

Bank BPH (Oversee, Sound Designer)

OpenCard (Studio Pigeon, Sound Designer)

Happinate (Studio Pigeon, Sound Designer)

Time Cloud (Studio Pigeon, Sound Designer)

Eselektio (Studio Pigeon, Sound Designer)

Cyberbajt (Studio Pigeon, Sound Designer)

Fan1.pl (Studio Pigeon, Composer & Sound Designer)

I-sklep.pl (Studio Pigeon, Composer & Sound Designer)

RockPay (Studio Pigeon, Composer & Sound Designer)

TemiTime (Studio Pigeon, Composer & Sound Designer)

Audiotrip (Studio Pigeon, Sound Designer)


Czerwionka Leszczyny – Making of (Nova Group, Composer)

TV Mielec – Intro (PD Studio, Composer & Sound Designer)

RWE Lodówka (Clipshop, Composer)

RWE Drukarka (Clipshop, Composer)

RWE Monitor (Clipshop, Composer)

RWE Włącznik (Clipshop, Composer)

Zwardon-Ski (Studio Pigeon, Composer & Sound Designer)

Starpin (Studio Pigeon, Sound Designer)

Zaktywowani (Studio Pigeon, Sound Designer)

Offiserv (Studio Pigeon, Sound Designer)

Ferpay (Studio Pigeon, Sound Designer)

Hotel Villa Verde (Nova Group, Composer)

Dw Studio (Nova Group, Composer & Sound Designer)

MinHolder (Nova Group, Composer)

Gaming Evolution (Nova Group, Composer & Sound Designer)


Strumień Ambicji (Grzegorz Mitula, Composer)

Nova Group – Showreel (Nova Group, Composer)

Airplane Glamour (Nova Group, Composer)

Biar Beauty Group (Nova Group, Composer)

Kamera Akcja – Spot (Lukasz Goras, Composer)