Loria (Loria, Composer)

There Was a Dream (Keydare Project, Composer)

Car Demolition Clicker (Blue Sunset Games, Composer)

Go All Out! (Blue Sunset Games, Composer)

Modern Tales: Age of Invention (Orchid Games, Composer)

Blocksy (CLM, Composer)




Up&Up (Limitless Games, Composer & Sound Designer)

Lost Grimoires 2 : Shard of Mystery (World-Loom, Composer & Sound Designer)

Bad Dream Coma (Desert Fox, Composer)

Maggie’s Movies Camera, Action! (World-Loom, Composer & Sound Designer)




Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom (World Loom, Artifex Mundi, Composer & Sound Designer)

Drifty Chase (Crimson Pine, Composer)

Royal Trouble Honeymoon Havoc (Orchid Games, Composer)

Counters (Slazin Studio, Composer & Sound Designer)




60 Seconds! (Robot Gentleman, Composer)

Riko’s Fate (Unitronic, Sound Designer)

Anodia 2 (CLM, Composer)

Earthcore: Shattered Elements (Tequila Games, Sound Designer)

Misja Zdrowie (Composer)




Graven: The Purple Moon Prophecy (Orchid Games, Composer)

Storage Empire (Igero, Composer & Sound Designer)

Symulator Farmy 2015 (Playway, Composer)

Tupek (Gear-Studio, Composer)

World Truck Racing (Playway, Sound Designer)

Chronicle Keepers: The Dreaming Garden (Playway, Composer & Sound Designer co-author)




Video Strip Poker 2013 (Torquemada Games, Composer co-author)




Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch (Orchid Games, Composer co-author)




Afterfall: Insanity (Nicolas Intoxicate, Music Inspired by the Game)